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Types of Blackjack Games

The excitement of blackjack has led many people to try fun variants, which come to the casinos as news and often arrive to stay and eventually become classics. Blackjack itself went to the casinos of North America as a novelty, although with another name, and ended up becoming an essential game in every casino, after being renamed.

As an example, one of the most successful games lately has been a multi-hand blackjack. The goal of multi-hand blackjack is to get as close as possible (or reach) to 21, without going over. The player can play a maximum of up to five hands against a single dealer; 5 decks of cards are required (52-card or English card). All cards are different after each game.

Assuming that the player has chosen to play five hands (he can want to play 2 to 5), the dealer will start serving a card for each of the sides and himself; then a second card will be served for each of your hands, and no more tags will offer again until you have finished playing all your hands.

As in blackjack, the numbers are worth what the card indicates, and the figures (J, Q, K) are worth 10 points. The ace is worth one or eleven points depending on whether the combination of cards appears. If the cards of each hand do not reach 21, the player may request more tickets for each side until he considers it prudent to stay or pass. If he had a blackjack, the house loses to that hand immediately, unless the dealer’s card is an ace, a figure or a ten, in which case the situation will be defined later.

After the player has finished playing all his hands, the dealer will serve his second card. Of course, the hands in which the player has passed are declared lost. If the letters of the house are less than 17, the dealer must serve more cards, until reaching 17, or up to 21, without going over. If it is not passed, the player’s hands will compare with that of the house, and if the player has stronger hands, he will pay 2 to 1 (that is double) concerning the amount bet. If the player gets a blackjack, he will receive one and a half times the value of his chance, and the cost of his original bet will be returned.

Other games have also become very popular, especially on the Internet, such as the group game, but the multi-hand is emerging as an indisputable favorite.